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Dreams of Darkness and Light book cover "I absolutely adored this novel! I cannot even begin to explain in words how beautiful the ideas and notions that the story followed are, and how generous and sincere Stockwell's writing style is. The characters were all super well developed and an even balance of self-exploration, adventure, romance and action were played out leaving me never far from this book."
– Jemma (Australia)
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"I must say when beginning to read this novel, I had no idea it was going to be so compelling to find out what was going to happen next. The character Michelle is on a trip taking her on an adventure like no other. From the beginning of her travels, she is destined to start a journey far reaching her imagination. Her friends who join her have no clue what is about to unfold. When Michelle lands in Mexico, her journey continues in a way no one could've expected. There are more to her dreams than meets the eye. I really enjoyed reading this novel because it gave me an insight into myself. I am looking forward to reading more from Karen Stockwell. Her writing is very visual."
– PJ (Chicago, Illinois)

"The book had an intriguing concept to it. the descriptions of the area are wonderful. The main character Michelle is an interesting person and her problems are easily relatable. The other part I enjoyed was the number of explanations of different symbols and native crafts and their significance. It is a nice story of a person coming to awareness of the world around them. Since that's always an enjoyable concept, the story is a great representative of positive influences. Michelle not only found new found enlightenment, but also how it affects her life and the changes in her afterward. The one thing that made me give it four stars was that it dragged on a bit in some sections. But sticking with it is worth it."
– Jerrie Brock (Las Vegas, Nevada)
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"I wasn't sure where this book was going at first--there was definitely a mystery that needed to be solved. When I discovered what that mystery was I was surprised and delighted. We need more books like this!"
– NM Reader

"This book is a little hard to get into but well worth the effort. Soon you will find yourself reflecting on your own personal relationship with God as you throughly enjoy the tale of these four adventurers."
– M. S.

"Wow! I haven't been drawn into a book the way I was drawn into this one in a long, long time. It may have been the Black Stallion series as a child. I was in Mexico with them, seeing what they saw, smelling what they smelled, tasting what they ate. An amazing story to get lost in, but it also gave me insight into myself. There is so much more depth in the book but the story was so compelling that I couldn't slow down, I had to find out what was going to happen next. As I finished the last page all I could think was I really want to read that again. I want to experience it all again without the urgency to find out what happens next. And as soon as I can pry the book from my husband's hands... I will. Great book Karen. I can't wait for your next one. I have given several copies to friends because I was afraid that if I loaned out my copy I might not get it back. Couldn't take that risk!"
– Marilyn J Tebrugge

Karen at book signing "A thoroughly enjoyable, beautifully written, inspiring story linking spiritual transformation and creative expression. A young woman goes through a life- altering experience that frees her to connect with and act upon the deepest part of who she is."
– DGD (Chicago, Illinois)

"This is a compelling book. Very well written and is a MUST READ. We are going to recommend it to our reading club."
– Alan G. Spector "AGS" (Las Vegas, Nevada)

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