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Karen at Book Signing             My passion for telling stories began before I could write. I made up songs on the spot and entertained family members. In school my best subject was English. I was a good speller, liked to read, and always did well on written assignments. I took a turn away from creative writing and studied journalism in high school. That served me well when I worked as a freelance writer during my grad school years. My beat was interviewing artists and gallery owners for a couple of small, free Chicago papers. Later, I wrote press releases for a gallery. Eventually, I turned to creative writing again. I read poetry, heard some of the best read their work, then began writing it myself. I made my open mic debut at a little place called Café Aloha at Lincoln and Montrose in Chicago. That became my base, though I read at a few other venues. I joined Shelley Miller in the duet Moon Lodge. We started as poets but branched out into songwriting, appearing together at several venues and even doing a radio broadcast where we performed live. Shelley pursued her music while I figured out what to do next. I wrote a book of poetry called Possibilities (Shelley based her award-winning song “Everyday Shine” on the title poem). And I performed at music open mics on my own for a while.

Book Cover Illustration             But poetry and songwriting somehow led to novel writing. Dreams of Darkness and Light took 12 years to complete, with fits and starts along the way. There were times I never thought it would make it out of my computer. But, happily, it did and finally arrived in September 2013. It’s a relief to share my characters with the world. The book is populated by poets, painters and artists of many persuasions. Imagination is a powerful force in the world, and certainly has had its twists and turns in my own life’s journey. In recent years I’ve also written about my own craft work. I wrote “Finding Natural Dyes in the Fridge” in Belle Armoire’s Winter 2012 issue and “When Two Paints Are Better than One” in their Winter 2013 issue. I wrote about that same technique applied to clothing in “Transforming the Classic White Blouse” in Altered Couture’s Autumn 2012 issue. I have more manuscripts in the works, so stay tuned for more novels, and probably poetry, in the future.




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A rolling stone gathers no moss, and neither does Karen. She may have gathered a bit of carpel tunnel syndrome, but that hasn't stopped her from completing another manuscript! The Ballad of Sam and D. Lila is in its first draft. Check back for updates!



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